Primary Platform - Jobs, culture, arts and history! Motto - "Google Me!"

My primary goal as Mayor of Berwick will be to enrich the arts, save our historical sites and reduce crime by working on the root causes, including lack of employment opportunities and educational issues. As Mayor I would be the voice of the citizen, responding to current issues and acting to mitigate bad press and misunderstanding. I plan to have an open forum for discussion and respond to all questions presented. The next primary Mayoral election in the borough of Berwick, PA will be held May, 2017. Missed the 2013 opportunity, but did get 42 percent of the vote in the primary running against the most influential candidate in Berwick. All in all I did pretty well. I will be better prepared in 2017!


Update 2017. With many well qualified candidates running for Mayor in 2017, and an opportunity to run for U.S. Senate in the 2018 race against Bob Casey, I will be putting of my bid for Berwick Mayor at this time. Please support my campaign for U.S. Senate, and feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this.

Andrew Shecktor for U.S. Senate 2018

Shecktor For U.S. Senate 2018

Andrew Shecktor

Abbreviated Biography

I am an active member in the community, serving in emergency services with the American Red Cross and also as ARRL District 4 District Emergency Coordinator for ham radio emergency operations. I have worked in electrical engineering and have been an operations manager for several major corporations. I am a small business owner and is also an artist in oil, watercolor and acrylic, and am a member of the North Mountain Art League. Currently I am serving on the Berwick Council and on the Berwick Planning Commission. See "Biography" for more information.

Pennsylvania Borough Mayors Manual - PDF


Google Me!

My motto says it all. The Internet archives all activities, good and bad. A leader should have many references of his deeds if searched based on personal postings, media postings and social network postings. Search for me, then search " Mayor Berwick PA" and "Mayor Bloomsburg PA" Then do the same for other local mayors. One's activities and accomplishments stand out, or not.

Need a place to vent? Have a comment on conditions in Berwick? Please post to my Facebook page . I will review all comments and pass along any suggestions for improving our town. All are invited to join in and add their comments on any post. Together we can build a better Berwick!

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Presidential Election 2016

I was on the 2016 ballot for Republican delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. I won this election and went on to Cleveland to represent Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania the Republican delegates are unbound, meaning they can vote for who they please. Your vote for president is for show only. To learn more, and see which candidates each delgate supports for both parties, vist my website

Thanks to Travis Petty and Nick Lutz for supporting my campaign efforts. If you ever need an attorney and live in near Berwick, PA I strongly urge you to contact them. (570) 218-4888, 916 West Front Street, Berwick, PA 18603
Visit their website Law Offices of Lutz & Petty, LLC

Lutz and Petty