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Berwick, PA

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Please contact me for additional information. Supporters and poll workers are needed. Donations are welcome. I am on Facebook, Google Plus - Blogspot, Manta and Twitter. You can also visit my Tumblr account account and view updates or post comments, including any complaints.

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Note: If you have had trouble locating any of my websites, it may be that my name is "Shecktor", and Google seems to think I don't exist! A search for "Shecktor" results in "Showing results for schecter. Search instead for shecktor." Somehow Google thinks that Shecktor is a name or term that does not, or should not exist (there are only about a dozen of us in the world!) Please search as often as possible for "Shecktor" and be sure to press the button to show the correct results! Maybe Google will eventually get the hint! Also, search in Google, Bing and Yahoo for "berwick mayor" and click my links to help improve my visibility! It is tough having a unique name!