My Platform

My primary platform as candidate for Mayor is and promoting low cost of living, including maintaining low taxes. In addition, keeping our history alive and promoting our history is key to maintaining our small town heritage. We need to help struggling historical sites in any way possible and promote our local clubs, organizations and fraternities. We need to encourage new business, and support our current local businesses in any way possible. We can do this by setting up methods for residents to voice concerns and for local business to promote their wares. Promoting business will lead to more jobs and to less crime. It is imperative that we make a statement that our town is actually quite safe compared to many other local towns, and definitely to any larger boroughs in the commonwealth. We have a higher profile primarily due to the diligence and hard work of our fine police department in acting on and investigating all potential criminal activity.

One way to achieve this is for the Mayor to be a focal point and voice for all concerns, responding immediately to any negative press or comments. The Mayor should be the connect between the residents and press and the borough council, bringing all concerns to discussion for resolution. I am always open and available for discussion on any matter, my door is always open.